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I am an entrepreneur, and over the years have felt like I am alone at the top, making decisions that affect the growth of my business. Leading Peers offers me a unique team of CEOs that can both challenge and support me in all aspects of my professional development. I have been selling my business for some time, and Leading Peers has been my sounding board to discuss the deal, giving me the confidence that my decisions are best for my family and me.

Seth Fine, President, Fine Awards

The Leading Peers members have been a sounding board for me as I transition my daily responsibilities as CEO and venture into new markets. The perspective of other business owners who are not my core group of friends has opened my mind to new opportunities and ways of implementing change I had not considered prior.

Matt Silvers, CEO, SEO4anyone Inc.

Leading Peers has given me a sounding board, made up of other entrepreneurs with varying experiences and perspectives with whom I can share information in confidence, which is helping me make vital decisions for my business.

Paul Farago, Founder, Ace Marks

I value Leading Peers because it has allowed me to have my own Board of Directors with members that do not have conflicting interests in my business, who can share their honest opinions based on their business experience.

Matt Dernis, President, Retirement Consultant Services

Leading Peers has allowed me to get out of my routine and refresh my mind. Each time our peer group meets, I feel I gain perspective and inspiration.

Julian Telias, President, Tel Investment Group

The opportunity I get from Leading Peers to bounce ideas off other business owners without judgment and hesitation is priceless.

Mauricio Bayon, President, Bayon Technologies Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join Leading Peers?

You can only join Leading Peers if you are currently the CEO and/or the majority owner of a company with at least $200,000 (USD) in annual revenue.

Is it necessary to work in a particular industry to apply?

We welcome members from all industries!

Is it necessary to be based in a particular country to apply?

You can join regardless of where in the world you are based!

Is it necessary to be fluent in English to apply?

We offer Peer Boards and Mentor Coaches in several languages, but all other membership benefits are currently only available in English. If you're not currently comfortable speaking and writing in English, please email us at info@leadingpeers.com and inquire if we have a Peer Board and/or a Mentor Coach in your language before joining Leading Peers.

Is there an enrollment fee?

No! Just pay the first monthly fee of the plan you choose and you're in!

What happens after I enroll?

As soon as you enroll, you'll have access to our members site, where you'll find instructions to Get Started creating your Member Profile, and access to our Member Directory, our Events Calendar, our Member Support Online Desk, our Forums and Discussion Groups, our Content Library of past expert trainings including videos and downloadable files. We will reach out within 7 days of your becoming a member to set up an onboarding call to get to know you, so we can match you up with the best peer group or mentor coach depending on which plan you're in.

When and how can I cancel my membership?

You can close your account whenever you choose, in our members site, and we will stop billing you for the monthly fee immediately.

How many members are in a Peer Board?

Our peer boards typically have 6 to 8 members. We can start a new peer board with as little as 3 members, so as not to keep new members waiting for a bigger group to be formed. A peer board can incorporate a ninth and a tenth member, if the majority of the peer board approves.

What happens if there isn't a slot available in a Peer Group when I join?

If we do not have a slot available in a Peer Board when you join, we will upgrade you free of charge to the Mentor Membership Plan until we're able to assign you a Peer Board. If after 90 days since you joined we're not able to assign you a Peer Board, we will give you the option to extend your complimentary upgrade to a Mentor Plan until a slot becomes available in a Peer Board for you. If you choose to forego this option and decide to exit Leading Peers, we will fully refund all the payments you made since joining Leading Peers.

Are the Peer Board meetings held virtually or in person?

When you join Leading Peers with a Peer Board or All-In plan, you'll be assigned a Peer Board that meets virtually. If you only wish to join Leading Peers if you're guaranteed that your Peer Board will meet in-person, please email us before joining Leading Peers at info@leadingpeers.com to inquire if we have an in-person Peer Board in your city which you could join immediately.

Are One-on-one Mentor Coaching sessions held virtually or in person?

All mentor coaching sessions are held virtually on Zoom.

What In-Person Annual Events are there, where will they take place, and what is the cost of registering?

Beginning in the second half of 2022, Leading Peers will hold an annual event open only to our members, in a location within the U.S.A., with an international airport and great domestic flight connectivity. Registration Tickets for members will cost around $1,000 and will include all meals and functions held during the event. All-In Plan Members that have been with Leading Peers at least eight consecutive months have an 80% discount. Travel expenses and accommodations are not covered by the Registration Fee.

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